Monday, December 15, 2008

Pilot's first visit to Dr. Scott's

In November, Pilot went to get his second set of booster shots from Dr. Scott. I wasn't sure how he would react to all the animal smells in the waiting area, but he was so good, just laying down beside me! We were also sitting right beside the shelves holding all the dog food, but he wasn't too concerned with those, either. We did lots of clicking and treating while we waited!

Once we got in the examination room, he continued to impress us with his calm behaviour while Dr. Scott looked in his eyes, ears and mouth, clipped his toe nails, listened to his heart, and of course, gave him a little pinch with the shot. Hopefully he behaves just as well when he's older!

After the vet, we stopped at London Drugs so I could buy Pilot a dog couch for christmas (I'm not sure what made me think I could keep it from him for that long..). Yeah, this is him sleeping on it on our way home from the store. So I couldn't keep it from him after that!! He actually likes it alot, and even Silver has gotten a little fond of it...

How did this happen??

I know, this is breaking ALL the rules...don't worry, this only happened once! ;) In some of the pictures, he kind of reminds me of a furry black sphinx!

First trip out!

Here Pilot is giving his new friend the tiger a welcoming shake. I bought this so he wouldn't feel so lonely after being separated from his siblings. Now he drags him around, and cuddles against him to sleep!

First yummy treat

When we first decided to give Pilot a Snausage, I thought, "This'll be gone in two seconds!". He's such a little piggy! But on the contrary, he ate it very carefully and then saved a piece to throw around like a cat. Here he is, batting and pouncing on it.

Rachel returns to Blogging Land

Wow. I am ashamed to discover how long its been since I posted anything on Pilot's blog. I was looking through the pictures I want to put up, and couldn't believe how much my little puppy has changed! In his size, personality, manners....everything!
Actually, if it hadn't been for some pressure from a fellow blogger to own up to my obligation, there probably still wouldn't be any new posts! So thanks, Debbie! ;) I promise I've learnt my lesson!

Anyways, enough about me! I'll try to post all the pictures in order, from small Pilot to big Pilot.
His laid back nature hasn't changed too much since we got him. Still pretty calm, likes to sleep alot. I'm trying to keep in mind that he is still a puppy, and one day the rambunctious, crazy hyper lab will show through! :)