Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Office Pictures

When I visited the office on Friday, of course Pilot came along for the ride. Here is Irene giving him some love. You can tell he is very relaxed!

Here is Jett, Pilot's brother at the office. They look exactly the same!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is Monica, on her way to the dog park with a car load of puppies!

May showing what a good dog she is.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Working Dogs

Today was a busy one for me! Friday is my day to go into the Dogs with Wings office and train the adult dogs. We work with them in the office for a while, and then usually go out to a mall, or walk them outside around the office. I opted to train outdoors....(I sure picked a cold and windy day for that!). They all did very well, and I see an improvement every week!

Elliott was the first one to go out. He is the smallest one in the litter and very cute. Very wiggly, too! He did very well with food distraction, and as always, was gentle when taking treats from my frozen fingers!

Ebony was next. She is very smart and knows a number of cool skills. (Like how to pick up her leash and hand it to you!) She did me a favor by picking up a bobby pin that had fallen out of my hair, and handing it to me! I was so impressed by how she picked up such a tiny object, but then I remembered, ahh thats probably a piece of cake for her. This girl can pick up a dime off the floor!

Meet Everest, the largest in the litter! I believe his nickname is Pony, and it sure suits him. He seems to be very relaxed when you're working with him, and today he proved again how good his down/stay is....even when I approached him saying "What a good boy Everest, look at the good dog!" in my puppy voice, he didn't budge!

This is May, who is such a sweet, quiet girl. She came into the program a little later on, but she's catching on quickly! I particularly love how gentle she is, and her loose leash walking is amazing! All I can say about May is, she will make a lovely companion for someone who needs her. (I wanted her to perk her ears up for the picture, but it didn't really work...)

This is Eddy, "my boy". I'm most familiar with this guy, because I've worked with him the most. He has come with me out to the mall, and various other stores as well as to a elementary school to visit a group of autistic children. He is a very happy, lovable boy and likes to please you. In this picture he is practicing his down/stay which he has become much better at! I love working with this guy....well actually, with all of them!!

Here is Enzo, with May in the background. Another member of the "E" Litter, Enzo is a beautiful, soft boy. Maria is training Enzo in the harness to be a guide dog, so I didn't take him out, but I couldn't leave him out of all the pictures! He is very sweet and playful.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Puppy Play Time

This is what happens when Pilot has lots of zippy bugs and wants to play with Silver.

Riding in the Car

This morning I visited Scott Robertson Elementary School with an older dog in training, Eddy. Pilot came along for the ride. At the moment we don't have a crate for him to ride in, so he sits on someone's lap. But then he gets too hot and starts to pant. So I thought I'd put him on the floor by my feet. (On the passenger side). All our problems were solved! He would lay nicely down there, be comfortable, and keep cool!

My genius idea didn't last for too long, as you can see. That was much too far away from his human friends, and he insisted on putting his front feet on the seat. He rode like this for quite a while, and I had to take some pictures.

Future Shop's new mascot

Yesterday, my shift at Future Shop ended at 1:00 PM. I got strict instructions from many of my co-workers to bring my new puppy in, or not to bother going home!! So Pilot came in wearing his tiny "Puppy In Training" bandana, and did a perfect job of looking like the cutest puppy in the universe. Everybody got a chance to hold him, and pet him and cuddle him. He behaved so well, and soon people were referring to him as Future Shop's Mascot! He even got dubbed "Fast-Forward", after their logo.
I thought that little excursion might tire him out, but I was mistaken!
I guess it's going to take a lot more than half an hour of pets and cuddles to tire this guy out!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Too Much Excitement?

Day 4 looked to be just as normal as the last 3, until we took Pilot out for his bathroom break this morning and discovered that he's got a little bit of an upset tummy...poor puppy!
But never fear, Dogs with Wings looks after their puppies very well. We've already switched to gastroentric food, and also received some little packets of powder to sprinkle on his crunchies that will aid in digestion, and help to settle his tummy down.

Pilot has remained unfazed by all the fuss, and continues to run around chewing on everything in sight!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today is Day 3 and Pilot is settling in nicely. We're starting to see more of his personality, and he can be quite frisky at times! We've discovered he likes to nibble toes and feet. Actually, anything within his reach is fair game! We haven't had a puppy this young for over a year, and you forget how sharp their little teeth are!

This is his HUGE belly after gobbling down his lunch! Wow, it disappears fast! He isn't very vocal, but as soon as he smells his food, he lets you know he would like to eat it right now!

Welcome Pilot!

On Thursday night, the cold gusty wind blew in 6 English Lab puppies from Nova Scotia! Among them was this blue-eyed bundle of fur, Pilot. We agreed to be a "holding tank" until a permanent home could be found, but I don't think we'll be giving up this guy too easily! He's a very quiet, laid back boy who loves to cuddle with you.