Monday, February 9, 2009

Seal or Dog?

Something about the way Pilot is laying here, makes me think of a little baby seal. Maybe its the feet that look like flippers sticking out to the side. Perhaps he is doing dog pilates/yoga. Either way, it doesn't look comfortable!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What An Experience

Last Wednesday Sherri (a fellow puppy raiser and Dogs with Wings employee) and I went to Millgrove Elementary School in Spruce Grove. What we thought was just going to be a small presentation to one classroom, turned out to be a huge production to the entire school in the gymnasium!! Complete with microphones and the whole bit. The main reason for our visit was to see Darren, a young boy who is on our waiting list for an autism service dog. I brought Pilot, and Sherri brought his brother Jet. We also picked up Eddy and Elliott from the office, so they could wear the autism service dog jacket and demonstrate how the dog worked with the child.

Here's all four of them ready and waiting to go!

Pilot, Eddy, Elliott and Jet

It went fairly well, and the dogs were certainly the highlight! However, the best part for me was seeing Darren glued to Eddy's side, eagerly putting on the harness and gripping the handle so they were always together. You can clearly see how much Darren loves being around the dogs. Darren and his family are very ready to welcome one of these helpers into their home, and to experience the benefit of having an autism service dog.

Eddy, Darren, Pilot, Jet and Elliott

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well we already knew Pilot could play cards, but he can read, too?! :) Apparently this one was a real page turner...

A Busy Working Day

Monday was a busy day for Pilot, the puppy in training. He plodded along with us as we did a few errands. One of them included going to the airport, somewhere Pilot had never been! The highlight was finding an escalator that was not working. We walked up and down, and up again, and sat on the stairs, and walked over the grate at the bottom numerous times...hopefully when we come across one in operation, he will not be afraid of it!

Here he is in Canadian Tire, doing a down/stay in the pet aisle. Ohh so many good smells!

Good puppy! He got a lot of treats for resisting this one!